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Builder Partner Starter Kits

Requesting Testnet ETH

1000 Goerli Testnet ETH has been donated to support ETHChicago. Credits to Mac from and funded by Maria Paula.

Alchemy Faucet​ - Testnet Sepolia and Goerli ETH, as well as Mumbai Matic powered by Alchemy

Partner Kits


Quickstart for "building dapps on arbitrum" - new beginner-friendly doc that walks through the "vending machine" example, could be done in 15-30 mins depending on skill level. Targeted at web3-curious web2 devs.

Gentle intro to Orbit - great for folks who are aware of L1s/L2s, but don't understand the value prop of appchains.

Quickstart for Orbit - could be completed in ~15-30mins; requires goerli eth though.


Stylus Docs


Billy's Workshop Repo

API3 General Info

Buidl Guidl & Scaffold ETH

builds - a list of builder projects for buidlguidl

SpeedRunEthereum​ - Learn how to build on Ethereum; the superpowers and the gotchas

Ceptor Club

Public GitHub - Ceptor Club's Public Repo

Private GitHub - Ceptor Club's Private Repo (Sign up for our bounty to access)

Our Workshop - Our Workshop Slides

More coming soon...


X (Formerly Twitter)

Lil Nouns

lil nouns website

lil nouns developer notion

Github - Lil Nouns source

Smart Contract Architecture

Media kit

Build your own Lilnoun

Tastycrypto x Amberdata

Amberdata Docs: getting started

Amberdata Home

Starter ideas

Tastycrypto Home