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Bounty Ideas

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Lowe's Project Unlock


Governance Improvement:

Improve Arbitrum governance: Changes to voting, or better forums to be less spammy, or improvements to security council.

L1 Voting via L2 Snapshot

Voting on L1 using L2 snapshot: On L1, one can access the latest confirmed L2 state / block hash from the rollup contract. With that, a smart contract should be able to prove on L1 the L2 snapshot voting power of a delegate.

General message router for 3 layers: Develop a general message router for multi-layer interactions: L1->L3, L3->L3, L1->L2, etc.

Short-lived Chains: Create an Orbit chain with a predetermined lifespan.

External DA Integration: Integrate other chains, like Celestia, as a Data Availability (DA) provider for an Orbit chain.

Wallet Enhancements: Innovations that improve the user experience, such as auto-connection to orbit chains or visualizations.

Permissioned Orbit Chains: Design an Orbit chain with AML/KYC features at the chain level. Only specific addresses can transact and act as validators.

Interoperable Ecosystem: Build an ecosystem of multiple Orbit chains that can seamlessly transact with one another.

On-chain Governance for Orbit: Design a robust system to integrate governance protocols on Orbit chains.

Migrations: Migrating a solidity contract to a different language using stylus and utilizing it in unique ways

Stylus Extensions: Use Stylus to enable something currently not available in solidity, use a library in a different language to enable something in stylus

Lil Nouns

Noun Stories: Implement a feature where each Noun can have a backstory or lore attached to it.

Noun-based Games: Develop a mini-game where Nouns can be used as characters.

Nouns Educational Series: Build a platform that allows educators or industry leaders to collaborate with Nouns to release daily content (articles, videos, tutorials) based on the theme/style of the day's Noun. It's a way of leveraging the Noun's unique daily minting process for continuous learning.

Nouns Business Partnership: Develop a platform where businesses can collaborate with Noun holders for marketing campaigns, special editions, or product launches. Each Noun becomes a unique brand ambassador for a day, creating exclusivity and buzz.


Guidl Achievements: Introduce an on-chain NFT tier based badge/achievement system for contributions/completion of lessons.

BuidlGuidl Learning Modules: Implement beginner-friendly modules around ERC-4337.

ERC-4337 DApp Template/Toolkit: Implement a beginner-friendly dapp toolkit/template like Scaffold-ETH 2 around ERC-4337.


Automated in-game trading: Develop a dapp for multiplayer trading of in-game items.

Marketplace/Hub for Hopscotch trading strategies: Create a place where people can post and or trade their Hopscotch trading strategies.


Agriculture IoT Data Platform/Dashboard: Create a dashboard/platofrm which securely collects and verifies IoT data for agricultural sensors, ensuring transparent and tamper-proof insights. DAO members can then make informed, collective decisions on farming initiatives based on this real-time, accurate data.

Virtual City Tours: Design a virtual tour of a city possibly using locations mapped with Vennity. Possibly include the ability to tour homes, view land for sale, and visit landmarks.

Automated Tax-deductions: Develop an automated token-based mechanism for city citizens to be credited for tax deductions as they spend.

Decentralized City Voting: Implement a transparent voting mechanism for passing laws and electing officials.

AI chatbot for understanding city laws and voting on them: Implement a chatbot that can be trained on a city's laws and be used by residents to easily understand the laws/vote on them.

Local Business Support System: Design a decentralized feature that supports the local businesses of a DAO members.

Public Good Management System: Build a transparent management system for public goods like universities and police stations. This system would make working with such goods easy and might include analytics, inventory management, budgeting, and governance to name a few things.